Space startups in the U.K. and Switzerland led to Space investments all over Europe last year

Space startups in Switzerland and the United Kingdom led to the raising of private capital investment among their European counterparts. The 2019 private capital record is according to the ESPI’s that is, the European Space Policy Institute. All the startups in European Space raised at least 188 million euros, equivalent to $215.2 million. This wealth is down 15% from the amount in 2018. These facts are according to the Europe Space Policy Institute report that came to be on July 20th

More than 60 million euros, which are almost equal to a third of the total wealth, went to seventeen startups all over the United Kingdom. Switzerland, in 2019, had ten startups that raised a massive amount of 40 million euros. The third position was Germany, with six startups with a great wealth of 32 million euros. And, France, in the fourth position with four startups and a considerable amount of 24 million euros. 

With six years of data, ESPI concluded that the private investment in the European Space startups is plateauing with an estimation of 200 million euros every year. The European Space Policy Institute started recording private space investments in 2017 but uses data that goes way back to 2014. An ESPI researcher on the field study, Jules Varma, stated this information is according to data from 2014 to 2019. 

In 2018, the Private space investment ran up to 228 million euros. Also, in the same year, the global space industry has a long record of investments that ran up to $3.23 billion. From 2014 to 2016, the European investment for startups was averaged to at most 43.3 million euros every year. 

For the 2019 investment estimate, ESPI argued that the estimates were conservative since almost 56 million euros in 2019 investment tally is a secret. European startups’ investments mainly came from home country investors. Jules Varma confirmed that these investments are the easiest to deal with since you don’t have to worry about the tough paperwork that comes with international funding. He also confirmed that the U.K is mainly benefiting from long-lasting policies that back up space startups.

These policies date as early as the 2000s. Also, Varma recognized the rapid rise of Switzerland’s startup investments. The ESPI director, Tortora, stated that they didn’t have an explanation from the rapid investment growth in Switzerland. However, he confirmed that they do not make predictions, but ESPI believes that they expect investment increase in the future.

The predictions were thanks to the 2020 investment updates so far. Some of the top companies that led to the 2019 huge investment are the Swiss Space hardware Company, Spire Global, German Launch startup, and many more. Whether the 2020 investments will surpass the 2019 investments is still a mystery that only time can tell.