NASA Inspector General is investigating the Boeing’s moon lander tenders

The Washington Post submits that the NASA inspector general determines the procedure that the Boeing used to award the contracts. The Boeing is a firm well-known, especially in preparing the spacecraft to take astronauts to the International Space Station. One of the firm’s issues that NASA intends to send an investigator to look into involves the lunar mission. 

A report reveals that a Boeing executive talked to an official at NASA informing them of Boeing’s plan to alter the lunar contract proposal after the submission grace period passing. The NASA officials spoke to the inspector general, urging him to investigate the matter. After that, NASA decided to layoff Doug Loverro from his associate administrator position in NASA’s human spaceflight directorate due to his connection to the problem.

Loverro justifies himself, saying that his resignation is because there was a challenge with the upcoming commercial crew launch. He says that the information attributing to his resignation is all rumors. However, social media reveals that his resignation connects to the lunar mission deal. tried to confirm if his resignation involves inquisition by the NASA inspector general concerning the launch of the Artemis program strategy on the 25th of March.

Loverro says that the IG acquisition report is one of the IG’s ways of delving into matters to understand how the agency is progressing. However, he outlines that this is an entirely different issue. The Post is confident that Loverro’s lay off comes after Boeing fails to land the lunar mission contract.

NASA records that they specifically chose Dynetics, SpaceX and Blue Origin to teach and explain to astronauts how to dock on the moon via the Artemis program. The Artemis program details the plan of landing humans on the moon by 2024. NASA is yet to select the firm to conduct this Artemis mission.

The Washington Post outlines that the inspector general’s investigation review takes more than two months before submitting a report to the NASA leadership. After that, the Justice Department can step in and take the corrective measure. Loverro, Boeing, and the inspector general refused to speak about Post’s investigative procedure, pending the proof of the allegations against Loverro by the Justice Department, the IG, or the court.

Finally, the resignation of Loverro comes months after the uncrewed spacecraft test failure back in 2019, making the Boeing shift its plan to send astronauts to the ISS to a later date. SpaceX and Boeing had the tenders to send out commercial crew vehicles to space. Boeing is yet to succeed on its launch leading to the IG investigation. On the other hand, SpaceX has successfully sent out its two-members spacecraft on the Demo-2 mission.