SpaceX’s next Starlink dispatch will support 3 hitchhiking a ride satellites to the orbit

In the forthcoming weeks, satellite machinist Planet will hurdle a ride on one of the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 spacecraft, launching its three tiny satellites, together with SpaceX’s 60 internet-beaming Starlink satellites. After the launch of the satellite group, Planet will be among the first ones to ticket along with space as one of the fresh small satellite ride-share SpaceX plan.

The three Planet satellites launching on the next sendoff will be part of the syndicate’s current SkySat constellation in the low Earth orbit. The constellation presently comprises of 15 spaceships, each with a size of the washing machine and generates high-resolution images of Earth below. Planet arranges on rounding out the convoy with six extra satellites: three of them going up on the imminent sendoff of Falcon 9 and three additional scheduled to fly on another Falcon 9 Starlink lift off in July. The syndicate initially declared its launch plans with SpaceX in mid-May. 

It is not the first time which the Planet has launched SkySat on Falcon 9 rocket ship. In December 2018, the syndicate launched seven satellites on Falcon 9, which consisted of two SkySats. The launch named SSO-A mission was a substantial ride-share that launched approximately 64 satellites, all in one spaceship. A different syndicate dubbed Spaceflight brokered the start, however currently, SpaceX works explicitly with the small satellite operators to organize ride-shares on Falcon 9, part of the new plan the syndicate announced in the last year. 

According to Planet, operating together with SpaceX was a timely experience. Mike Safyan, who is the launch vice president at Planet, told The Verge that working with SpaceX is a competent ad they operate at a very parallel place as Planet. He added that they both move fast, and they do a lot of things in the house that enables them to move more swiftly compared to the typical aerospace project. Safyan states that the whole process took them about six months, from initially signing the agreement with the SpaceX to getting to launch.

Safyan states that SpaceX had an abundance of flights that Planet can select. He adds that SpaceX has the authorization to commence on up to 12,000 satellites for its Starlink collection to offer internet connectivity to the surface of Earth. To construct the mission, SpaceX initiated its Starlink satellites in sets of 60 per for every launch, with every flight happening in a month.